Oy S/S Borea Ab Shipping Company

The philosophy of Oy S/S Borea Ab is to restore vessels important to Finland’s maritime history for new uses in the culture and tourism sectors.

Our first restored ship, the S/S Bore, is no bore! It offers dining, accommodation, conference, activities, and museum services year-round.

The S/S Bore was built in 1960. It first travelled the route Turku – Maarianhamina – Stockholm. During those first 17 years, the “Nolla Bore” (“Zero Bore”) earned a place in the hearts of the people of Turku. The S/S Bore also visited the Helsinki – Stockholm route. You can get acquainted with the ship’s history in the Museum section.

10 October 2010 marked the completion of restoring the M/S Kristina Regina to its original S/S Bore colours—an old, familiar sight in Turku. The ship was berthed in the Aura River and once again named the S/S Bore.

On 13 May 2011, the S/S Bore was tied to its final berth beside the museum ships of the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre.

The Aura River Experience 365 Days a Year

Our mission is to produce new and interesting content in the Aura River area for the enjoyment of both inhabitants and visitors to Turku.

The S/S Bore and the services provided by S/S Borea complement the idyll of the Aura River side, so dear to the Turku people.

A unique chain of culture and experiences right in the city centre begins from the rural landscape of the Halinen Rapids and continues all the way to the mouth of the Aura River.

Together, the Turku Castle, Forum Marinum, and S/S Borea combine into a content-rich travel and event service.

You are very welcome to come and experience the genuine cruise feeling of the olden times!

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