The Forum Marinum Exhibition on the S/S Bore

A permanent museum exhibition was opened aboard the S/S Bore on 27 May 2011, produced by the Forum Marinum Foundation. It tells the ship’s history, from its ordering and building to the present day, and about the people and shipping companies that had something to do with it over the years. 

In addition, it describes what it was like to work and travel aboard the S/S Bore in different times. You can see, for example, plenty of diverse photo and film material, some of which is being made public for the first time.

The exhibition is on the upper decks of the ship, consisting of the former crew’s living quarters, the ship owner’s cabin, and some of the passenger cabins on deck 6, and the impressive bridge.

The S/S Bore was originally built as a steam ship in Oskarshamn, Sweden, in 1960. It first travelled between Finland and Sweden in the colours of the Bore Shipping Company, and then Silja Line, Jakob Lines from Jakobstad, and Aura Line from Turku, and from 1987 onward, Kristina Cruises from Kotka used it for its international cruises, all the time under the flag of Finland. In Finland’s history of passenger ships, the S/S Bore was part of an important development period during which passenger ferries and cruise ships made their breakthrough. The S/S Bore has a multiphase history as both a passenger ferry in line service and a cruise ship. It visited over two hundred different ports in dozens of countries, all the way to the Red Sea.
The Turku-based company Oy S/S Borea Ab purchased the fifty-year-old m/s Kristina Regina in autumn 2010. The ship was painted with the colours of its first owner, the Bore Shipping Company, and given its original name. The S/S Bore no longer sails the seas, but she continues in active operation in the Aura River as a hotel and restaurant ship. Restoring a large ship is challenging and often problematic, and ventures to preserve large, old passenger ships have rarely been successfully completed anywhere in the world. However, the S/S Bore serves at the same time as a living museum. For example, the interior design shows the trends of different times, and the objective was to keep the structure of the ship as unchanged as possible.
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